How to find a unique Twitch username?

January 26, 2023 11 mins to read
Choosing a unique and memorable username for your Twitch channel is an important step in building your brand and attracting viewers. A good username should accurately represent your content and be easy to remember. Here are some tips for finding a great username for your Twitch channel.


Your Twitch username is your digital identity. It’s the first impression you’ll make and can already forge a good connection with potential viewers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not easy to do, but with millions of streamers on the platform, standing out requires some creativity and thought. Just sit back and let’s get into it.

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Know Your Niche

A specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product, service or topic.


Take some time and reflect on yourself, your hobbies, the games or topics you like. Whether you’re into gaming, art, music or any other category, understanding your niche will help you choose a name that resonates with you and your audience.

A starting niche can just be a subcategory like any of these:

One step fur-ther

Above we discussed the basic of a niche. But it does not have to stop there. You can venture deeper and combine different interests to create something unique. Do realise this does not mean for one stream, but as your image, your branding.

Let me give you some examples:

Ideate Keywords

Start by writing down keywords related to your interests, personality, or the content you plan to share. Put down words that resonate with you and connect to your niche. This can include your favourite games, hobbies, colours, or anything that represents you.

Play with words

Experiment with different combinations of the keywords you’ve noted down. Try combining two or more words to create a unique and memorable username. Play with synonyms and abbreviations, or even create a mashup of unrelated words for a fresh and original twist.

Even though a username is personal, try to avoid places you live or your name. You never know where you or your brand will go, and having these words in your username will severely limit your future options.

Consider Your Brand

Think of your Twitch username as a brand. Consider how it sounds, how easy it is to remember, and if it has the potential for branding in the future. A concise and catchy name is more likely to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

In addition, avoid any of the below as they confuse potential viewers and search engines. If you have to use any of these techniques, go back up and try to find another name:

Note: This does not mean these names can’t work for you or your brand, but I can assure you, you will run into issues or limits with sponsors, content, audience and others.

Check Availability

On Twitch

Once you have a few potential usernames, it’s time to check their availability on Twitch. Visit the Twitch website or use the mobile app to search for your chosen names. Keep in mind that your username needs to be unique, so if your first choice is taken, be prepared to try variations or a different combination.

Social Media Consistency

If you plan to expand your brand beyond Twitch, consider the availability of your chosen username on other social media platforms. A consistent username across various platforms helps build a recognizable and cohesive online presence.

Get Feedback

Before finalizing your decision, seek feedback from friends, family, or even your potential audience. Others might offer valuable insights and catch potential issues you might have overlooked. I’ve found this to happen all the time with my clients and people around me. As a Designer I can not always get to know your past and present life. And we always miss something that hasn’t been mentioned.


Don’t hide away from using all kinds of online tools to assist you!
Below are some examples.

Mind Mapping

Are you trying to visualise your thoughts, traits and keywords? Try mind mapping tools. Personally, I use Miro and Notion daily.

Synonym Finder

Easy to find, but let me list the favourite website where I go for finding synonyms:

Name Generator

Use these sparingly, as most of these names are in use somewhere. But a good place for inspiration:

Poll Tools

Are you renaming? Then consider using polls or surveys to ask your community for help:

AI Tools

Don’t let AI create your name, but use it as a way to get instant response on your ideas. Always review its answers yourself or make your friends and family second guess you. I use ChatGPT on a daily basis for ideating.

Need Help?

Feel free to contact me or find me on my Discord Server. I’ll be happy to help!